Degustaceite S.L.U, is an extra virgin olive oil distribution company.

We select the best extra virgin olive oils (EVOO) in the world, determined by tasting panels that highlight their prizes and their healthy, economic, ecological and cultural qualities. The selection is careful to develop a list of balanced, comprehensive and quality oils.


We distribute to specialized establishments: restaurants, hotels and individuals.

We organize training courses and tastings for catering professionals or oil tasting amateurs.

Our value is to choose the best EVOO from oil mills that take care of harvest, pickups and handling of olives.

Our commitment is to offer a natural product without additives or preservatives with sensorial and healthful qualities.



Extra Virgin Olive Oil

We carefully select the best extra virgin olive oils to produce a list of balanced, comprehensive and quality oils. The care and attention throughout the process is what characterizes this EVOOS..


In the market there is a healthy cosmetic line made with this natural product so appreciated and healthy, with no additives or preservatives. We prepare gift packages for conferences, weddings, corporate gifts, etc. Customized and made to order.


We organize groups of hedonistic tastings detecting three phases, olfactory, gustatory and visual.